Analysis of China's sewing machine technology and development

With the garment, textile, shoes and hats, bags and other sewing industry sewing equipment in the quality, efficiency, function and other aspects of newer and higher requirements, sewing machinery manufacturing behoove to constantly improve and innovate in sewing equipment technical performance, parameters and integrated function, grade and so on, in order to meet the requirements of multiple aspects customer. 

Since mechanical sewing machine, sewing machine speed, people in the aspects of joint performance and improve the efficiency of sewing did a lot of work, by hand sewing machine early to treadle type sewing machine, more than 100 years ago and the creation of electric sewing machine, has laid a good foundation for the garment industry to large-scale production. With the rapid development of large-scale clothing industry, also put forward higher requirements on the performance of the sewing machine, the sewing speed and sewing performance is an important issue that has been pursued by people. In order to adapt to the requirements of apparel industry upgrading, Chinas sewing machine industry R & D, production, sales from even the strategic height, to planning to analyze their own advantages and disadvantages, and make timely adjustment.