SS-252D Double systems
Computer knitting machine series
Gauge: 5G、7G、7GV、 8G、9G、12G、 14G、 16G
Size: 52inch、60inch、 66inch、 72inch、 80inch、 100inch
Adopting the most advanced high-speed and efficient
rotary and dynamic density control system in China.

Single carriage double systems single roller, Device with up-position roller meet the tension requirement for partial knitting .Fulfil theperfect take down of fabric. Detect the floating needle to avoid the needle hit. This device with smart program and infrared sensor onlydetect the knitting area to avoid the miss alarming. Turn back joint controlled by stepping motor. Increase the carriage return speed and productivity as well as avoid the worn of the carriage rail.With digital technology, Fulfil patterns of transfer, pointel,tuck, Intarsia, Jacquard ,Double jersey plain, Apparent shape, Hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions. Knit basic single or double jersey, Irregular, multi-colors jacquard, Intarsia, Cables, Pointel fabric. Suitable for silk, Chemical fiber, Wool, acrylic fiber, mixed yarn, cotton yarn to knit the sweater, collar, placket, hem, cuff, scarf,pocket, pants and other knitting fabric.
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