Three-needle high speed full function feed-off-the-arm sewing machine (heavy-duty air controlled belt puller)

1. GIC high hardness self-lubricating coating treatment, reducing the wear of machine parts and extending the service life of the machine.

2. Auto presser foot, air-lifting puller, needle cooling, silicon oil thread cooling, auto suction trimming device.

3. Designed with an automatic oil supply system for circulating oil filtering and cooling.

4. Designed with presser foot and auxiliary feeding device for automatic pressure adjustment of the joint head (bone position).

5. Belt-type pneumatically controlled puller, external gearbox stepless speed regulation.

6. Automatic pressure increase and decrease in the bone position. Auto lubrication: upper and lower shaft lubricate simultaneously, fully guarantee the spare parts lubrication.

7. Avoid leakage due to air pressure during running at high speed and oil radiating. Large storage.

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